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Guideposts Independent Living Centre moved to Abingdon in April 2012.  We are now based at the Abingdon Resource and Well-being Centre.
Our contact number is:  01235 524857.  
Other Guideposts Services (Mates n Dates, Childrens Services, GLADS, Help at Home etc.) remain in Witney.

The ILC is currently decommissioned from 30 September 2016.  If you would like to, you can sign a petition:  "Keep the Independent Living Centre, Prevention is better than cure!":

The Independent Living Centre, in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council, provides information on products and organistions to assist people with disabilities and older people to increase and maintain their independence.  The Centre provides this free service to any adult residing in Oxfordshire.

We have access to a range of equipment for viewing and demonstration to enable:

  • moving around in the house or outside
  • reaching things
  • preparing or eating food
  • getting in or out of bed
  • using the bathroom
  • going up and down stairs or steps

The Centre also has an Information Line available 01235 524857 which can given information on a variety of topics, such as where to hire a wheelchair, where to find accessible holiday accommodation, how to find a local or national support group for a particular illness and much more.  We also have a comprehensive Resource Handbook which is now available on our web-site.

The Centre is open 5 days a week for general viewing.  You do need to book an appointment to ensure that the equipment you wish to see is available.  An Occupational Therapist (OT) is available by appointment on a Monday or Tuesday.  To try some of the equipment you would need to book an appointment to see an OT.  The Information Line is open Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm).

You can download one of our leaflets by clicking on:  ILC leaflet.